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HELA Cells Capable of producing whole, infective HPV particles? - (Apr/27/2011 )


I understand that the HELA cell line "does not include a complete, functioning HPV genome, and is much mutated from the original tumor source". However, does the HELA cell line produce whole, infective HPV particles? Do you have a source for your answer such as a link.

Thank you for any help provided.


No it does not produce virus, though it could (in theory) if given the correct genes by transfection or by infection with the a virus containing the missing genes.


Thank you for the response.

I was asked the following as well:

The HELA cell can not produce a complete, functional virus. However, is there a viral particle (infection unit of the virus) that could be generated by the HELA cells that could infect another host? By infection, the host would not be susceptible to viral prodigy generation, however, if the viral "particle" infected the host, antibodies for that infection unit might be generated. Is this true? Is there any literature that supports the answer to this?

Thank you again for your help.


I am not aware of any viral particle coat genes in HeLa. The only genes that express and I am aware of, are HPV E6 and E7 and the genome is incompletely integrated, so your theory about antibodies is extremely unlikely... not to mention that antibodies are generated by B and T cells, not cervical cells.