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DEPC trated water - (Apr/22/2011 )

Dear All,
I have some questions about DEPC treated water:

1- after autoclave DEPC/treated water, still have ability to inhibit RNase? (e.g. can i use it as spray to clean the bench and gloves from RNase)
2- dose DEPC treated water have any bad effect on RT-PCR? (if so, then in which purpose we should use it?!! )


No, DEPC treated water has no effect on RNAse once it is autoclaved. The DEPC inactivates RNAse in the water, but is itself inactivated by autoclaving. It should be usable as water in an RT-PCR reaction, although it might still have contaminating DNA which could be an issue (depending on where it came from). Many RT enzyme kits come with pure water, which would be preferable.


For cleaning the bench I use ethanol or RNAse Zap, something like that


i used to do depc treatment of any glassware, gel tank, homogenizer for overnight. then i autoclave all depc treated glassware etc., to inactivate depc. it is must to autoclve them after treating with depc


1M HCl (and a pair of gloves) is my preferred reagent to remove nuclei acid for bench surfaces.


1. No. You can also use 1M HCl or 1N NaOH to clean your lab bench besides commercial RNAzap, RNAase away, etc.
2. should be fine, but make sure with autoclave twice. I personally prefer milli-Q water for qPCR.


Does anyone knows if DMPC works as efficiently as DEPC? I've heard it's not or, at least, less carcinogenic