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chemiluminescence imaging system - which ECL imager to buy (Apr/18/2011 )

Hi all,

we are in the process of buying an ECL imager for our Western and other blots and I would appreciate your feedback about which imaging system to opt for. I saw there was a similar thread on the forum a couple of years ago, but since we are buying a fairly expensive piece of equipment we might well go for the best money can buy at this moment. I am interested mainly in what specs you think are the most important. I can imagine how the pixel count of the CCD camera influences the results, but I haven't got the faintest whether it's worth going for the -65 deg. C cooling or is -45 enough. Feedback on the software will also be very much appreciated. What type of analysis does it have to be able to manage, etc...
Thanks in advance.


Don't get lost in specifications and rather ask the vendors for a system demo in the lab. Your decision can than be based on performance and user-friendliness. Especially the later point is of utmost importance.