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1-day old culture for DNA extraction - plausible? - (Apr/14/2011 )

Hi all,

I'm currently involved in a project that requires a large stack of growth bacterial plates (Salmonella) for DNA extraction. I am wondering if it is absolutely necessary to use a fresh culture for DNA extraction (if not, it would save me an two extra days)? The latest I will be receiving these bacterial plates is two days after they have been streaked and incubated, so they would only be one day old. It'd be helpful if you could also post your experiences in DNA extraction using non-fresh cultures. Thanks!


tried 3 days bacteria culture on plate. No problem.
I don't extract the dna most of the time. I do direct colony/tip touch PCR.

-adrian kohsf-

Just keep your cultures in fridge. Can keel them for 2-3 days (I haven't tried longer time). Or, day before you want to do DNA extraction just subculture you old cultures.