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Agarose Gel Disposal - (Apr/14/2011 )

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We just discarded in trash.
About EB, we prepared the gel without EB, then after running the gel Immersed it in EB for few min, then destain in dH2O..


pito on Mon Apr 18 13:30:34 2011 said:

lab rat on Sat Apr 16 16:33:35 2011 said:

Yep, I meant in the sunlight, since EB breaks down under UV. I was also told by an older tech that you could throw away only so much per day in the regular trash. Sometimes our gels would sit for a few days before discarding.

To answer Pito's comment, we're on a higher latitude, so we have summer sunlight from 5:30 am to 9 pm. Winter, we have sunlight at noon...sometimes. :lol:

Do you have some more information (paper?) on the details about the break down of EB under sunlight or uvlight?

I do not. I was told this by the people who trained me to work in the lab. I'll look, though.
I'll also point out that I said that we collect our gels and send them to EHS for disposal. When I was responsible for my own materials, I sent them to be incinerated.

-lab rat-

I guess normally you cannot escape the hazardous waste regulations of your institution...useful or not. We let the gels dry, to reduce he volume a lot and then they go to special plastics containers for hazardous waste. They are picked up by a company from time to time and I guess then incinerated, too...

-hobglobin- way to get rid of them totally :unsure:

but can't we reuse them again in less specific staff..! :unsure:

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