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western blotting at high current - (Apr/12/2011 )


Has anyone out there used a car battery charger (6 or 12 Amps) as a power source to perform Western blot transfer in a Bio Rad Criterion cell? I recall this as an option for the older Genie tank blotters, but I haven't tried this w/ the Bio Rad system and would like to avoid ruining an experiment and/or our blotter. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Hola, I never had done it but tranferences are usually done at 100-200 mA in power sources at 25(semydry) to 150 volts (wet). Car battery chargers give around 6A when the battery is discharged to 2A when it has charge, so probably when you use it for transfer, temperatute quickly will arise and you could have any problem with the equipe. If you haven´t any regulated power supply with both amp and volts regulation or information I think in any mobile charger with gives 100-200 mA more suitable for that, but you have to test times of tranfer with any marker.I dont understand why you have money to buy criterion gels and and haven´t to buy any cheap source, but here people have bad experiences transferring criterion gels by I dont know the reason. One more thing , there is an specific subforum for PAGE and transfer above in proteomic. Buena suerte