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Agarose gel loading sample pops out - Sample pops out when loading gel (Apr/09/2011 )

I have a problem, I recovered my plasmid with kit and then I loaded it on an agarose gel with TAE1X and it poped out of the well, what happened?

-don gabo-

But you use a loading dye?


Your eluted DNA may have residue ethanol. Make sure to spin off any ethanol before eluting the columns.


How many times did prepare a loading gel?

If you didnt do it that often its possible you made a rookie mistake: you pressed down the pipette till the end (to push out the last remains in your pipette tip, like you would normally do when using a pipette, push further down, further then the "first stop" on a pipette.. hard to explain, I hope you get what I mean?..) but when loading gels you cant do this because you would "blow" air into the well of your gel and thus "blow" the sample out of the well...

Not sure its this.. but I have seen this before many times...