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X-gal stained tissue for IFC? - Will this work? (Apr/05/2011 )

I have few tissue samples from mouse with reporter gene (B-gal)

When I sample these tissue, I did X-gal staining to see the reporter expression and then fixed with PFA, and now they are cryo-block (OCT)

so the part of the tissue is blue but I want to do IFC on this tissue, so I am planning to use antibody anti-b gal.

have anyone done something similar? Will this work? or not

Let me know your opinion.

Thanks in advance


I haven't done it, but I don't see why it wouldn't work unless the B-gal fluoresces in some manner.


hi, bob1

Thats exactly what I am afraid of.
I will go ahead testing to see it works or not.

But thanks anyway