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help with cell dilution - (Apr/05/2011 )

Hi. This is very simple but I was never good with mathematics o.O

I need to dilute cells to get 200 000 cells in 200l of medium. Which is the way to calculate that?



Use V1C1=V2C2 (where V= volume and C= concentration and 1 and 2 are initial and final respectively) for one suspension to another.

V=N/C (where V and C are as above, and N= number of objects you have (in your case cells)) for pelleted cells.


Thanks mate. Im just getting into lab work so Im probably asking some questions with very simple answers. Im a vet on a doctorate but I have just too much lab work before strating animal trials and I fell like Alice in Wonderland :rolleyes: But im slowly getting into this, love it more by each day :)) Thanks once more, cheers!