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pri-miRNA sequencing - (Apr/04/2011 )


Is it possible to detect pri-miRNA from RNA-seq data ? Is there any studies on this subject?




Yes you can, but probably the abundance of pre-miR is lower than mature ones. There are several recent studies of deep sequencing detecting small RNA and Ago-binding RNA, pre-miRNA has been identified.


I'm not looking after pre-miR but at pri-miR ( the first step in the life of the miRNA )


Sorry I missed that. I have not read anyone mentioning detecting of pri-miR. I believe similar to pre-spliced mRNA it is at very low abundance and detectable.


read this " Features of Mammalian microRNA Promoters Emerge from Polymerase II Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Data" but the technique might no be available in any lab
i think the best routine method is RACE,however i personally heve not been successful in doing a race,and it is really a challenge for me because i have found some rarely expressed mirs but i can not clone the endogenous expressed pri or pre form only just some low expression detection of mature form by real time.
hope guys to expand this forum further