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Mycoplasma cleanup time... - (Mar/28/2011 )

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PostDocTrauma on Thu Mar 31 15:35:13 2011 said:

could I please have details of the company that you send your testing out to? I'm going to try and convince the PI that it would be worth spending that money (but I've seen the budget for this year...and hope there's more money he hasn't told me about!)

We use Mycoplasma Experience based in Reigate (England), the web address is below:-

As stated in another post the cost is 85/cell line. The test takes a total of 4 weeks to get a negative result. A positive test is normally reported to us 3-5 days after the test initiation.

The reason why the ELISA/ENZYMATIC/PCR tests are popular is that:
a) Researchers can say that they are testing their cells.
B) The tests normally take hours rather than weeks.

BUT these test are notorious for giving false negatives... and are therefore not approved or used by reputable cell supply companies.

Kindest regards.

Uncle Rhombus.

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