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Fat bands on 15% SDS-PAGE gel - (Mar/19/2011 )

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MyProteinBulliedMe on Tue Mar 22 15:41:07 2011 said:

mdfenko on Mon Mar 21 16:22:37 2011 said:

i think that a component of your ripa is disrupting that part of your gel. try running the standards in a gel alone (don't add ripa to the standards, if you have been).

if you still see the fat bands then it could be that your sds has gone bad. try making fresh buffers with a different, newer, lot of sds.

if that doesn't solve the problem then try running a gradient gel. that should sharpen up the banding.

Do you think that the buffer which contain detergent (igepal?) might've disturbed the gel?

yes, i've seen it a lot.

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