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IL-17 production in Jurkats? - (Mar/18/2011 )

hello everybody,

I am actually facing the problem to stimulate Jurkat cells in order to differentiate into TH17 cells(which produce IL-17).
I tried that with incubation of Jurkats for up to 5 days in minimal medium and added TGF and IL-6. Every 2nd day I changed the medium and added fresh cytokines. After 5days I induced with PMA and ionomycin. My qRT-PCR showed no amplification of my IL-17 gene so that differentiation of TH17 cells in Jurkats or induction didnt work.

Does anybody know if it is possible to stimulate Jurkat cells to differentiate into TH17? If yes, how does it work? Do i need to change the medium every 2nd day? what about the cytokines? should I add them every day or just once?
I have no clue and need to know this for my master thesis!

Thanks for every reply


I would be very glad if anyone could answer me! Im getting more and more desperate and any little detail would be helpful enough for me at the moment! So please dont hesitate, Im looking forward to your suggestions or critique!
Thanks a lot



I am really happy to see your post.

Even I am looking for the same answer.

I am palnning to work on IL-17 pertaining to Psoriasis. For which I am trying to identify any human cell line specific for Il-17. I have in my cell bank - Jurkat (T cell line), I am also thinking to polarize the T-cell to Th17 cell. In process of searching literature i came to your query.

If you are open, then I will be happy to discuss my findings.

Thank you,