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Do low binding 0.2ml PCR tubes exist? - (Mar/17/2011 )

Hi everyone,

I am currently buying low binding barrier tips and 1.7ml low binding tubes in order to work with very very small amounts of DNA. I've looked for 0.2ml PCR tubes but I can't find them labeled as "low binding". So...are they all coated (low binding) by definition? If not, do these tubes exist? I was also wondering if the thin walls were equivalent?
If you know a company that sells them, please, let me know.

Thank you and have a great day. Maddie :)


I called eppendorf and they do not do 0.2 low binding PCR tubes because they do not have the mold to make them :blink: :rolleyes: .
I guess other companies have a similar explanation. Pito found some in China but I was really hoping to find some in the States..anyone?????


I found a supplier (in usa/europe) that has those tubes.... :lol:

Axygen : PCR-02-L-C and domed cap, PCR-02D-L-C

those should be low binding tubes.



Pito, you're da man :D ..again.

I ordered samples....still waiting on eppendorf Germany to come back to me :rolleyes: .