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How many cells do you have in a confluent T 75 flask? - I have 1/2 million (Mar/17/2011 )

Hello everybody!
In our lab we isolate cells from a cancer tissue, now in passage 5, but when I count the cells with a hemocytometer I count about half million of total cells in a CONFLUENT T 75! I thing is few cells (sorry for my english). When I saw the cells in a microscope, they are big , could be it a explication for the poor count?

how many cells did you count in your labs?

thanks a lot!


That is a fairly low number of cells. For a standard size cell, you should get around 1x107 cells. What sort of cells are you growing out as yours seem extremely large which makes me think that they are probably entering senescence and won't grow any further?



i had the same problem with melanoma cell line the cells are clamping and leading to error in counting 

we used from EDTA 0.02% to solve this problem.