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Drawing this Graph with wide values?! - Confused with values on y-axis! (Mar/16/2011 )

My values are:-

x-axis(time): 0, 1, 3, 7
y-axis(colonies): 2890000, 8910000, 13000, 450, 50, 1700
(there are more of these but this includes the highest and lowest values!)

I can't figure out how to contruct the divisions on y-axis!! Please help!

(I can't do any log graphs for this. So, I'm currently doing this in Microsoft Excel and its producing a useless huge graph where i can't see the values! The numbers are spread so hugely that the graph ignores small values. But I'm sure there's a way to construct it nicely. Hence, require your help please.)


Is this a graph of bacterial death? Can you plot them as percent remaining, using 2890000 as 100%?


I see two solutions - logarithmic scale or 2~3 segment Y-axis (eg. 0-2000, 10000-20000, 1000000-10000000).


Not an answer, but a question:

are those numbers from the same dilution? Or from different ones?

If its option 2: put each dilution on its own graph.