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Round hole in monolayer - (Mar/15/2011 )

Hi all,
Another T84 question from me:)
I've been growing these cells for some time, and the latest flask I've seeded is close to being confluent, but there is a large round hole in the monolayer (visible to the naked eye), where no cells are growing- they also seem to be bunching up around the edge of the hole. Is it likely to be a problem with the plastic surface so the cells can't grow there or could it be a virus infection??


It will be the surface of the plastic. If it was virus, you would see the cells rounding up and lifting off the area. Sometimes these phenomenom are also caused by vibrations in the incubator causing standing waves in the medium and focussing the cells all into lines or rings.



I am facing this same problem, but instead I am working with HepG2 cells. Does anyone know the reason for such thing? Thnks

-Gregorio Dias-

It is something to do with the plastic surface, altered charge or similar.