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diffrence between miRNA family and miRNA cluster - diefinitions of microRNA cluster and microRNA family (Mar/13/2011 )


I am confused between two terms: miRNA cluster and miRNA family. I need to differentiate between these two. But I am not able to find a place where I could get the definitions/explanations.

All I could find was that miRNA cluster consists of all miRNAs contained within the same gene and there is no gene between the miRNAs of same cluster.

mIRNA family represents sequences evolved from a common ancestor i.e these miRNAs have similar sequence which is vertebrate specific.

Am I right? Could some one offer a better and a clear explanation?

Thank you in advance for your help.



Your understanding is right. a microRNA cluster are miRNA transcribed as a single primary miRNA or miRNA gene, indicating physical relatedness, while miRNAs in a family are sequence related.