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contamination in cell line...... - (Mar/07/2011 )

hi everyone,
Actually i m growing DU145 cells.... For till 5 passages der was no problem.... suddenly i have got contamination.....lot of black adherent dots have been seen.... its number is also increasing.... d media looks good... no color changes or any debris.... but dese black dots have started to consume my cells.... i.e.started to mask my cells.... my cells have stopped proliferating but no chanes in shape.... i want to know wat type of contamination is dat nd is der any solution for dat...



I dont think there is a solution... sorry ! :( Discard your contaminated cells as soon as possible....


Agree with Neurite, throw your cells out and start again.

The only solution is to use good aseptic technique to avoid contaminating your cells again.



Are you not using any asntibiotic like penicilin and sreptomicin??

If not, use these. And throw these culture and revive new culture

Good Luck


You should be able to do tissue culture with no antibiotics in your media.