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Raising antibody for zebrafish - (Mar/07/2011 )


I'm looking for companies in USA or Asia which is able to raise specific antibody for zebrafish. I'm new in this field and hope someone can shed light on this. Thanks in advance.


have you looked at anaspec's range? They have a lot of zfish specific antibodies.

Otherwise, if the protein is very similar to human, then we have used a number of human antibodies to cross react.

if it's something novel, try to contact anaspec and see if they want to help?


I work for Proteintech Group ( and I am in the process of creating a list of antibodies which have been successfully used in Zebrafish. We are also looking at making specific Zebrafish antibodies and offer a custom production service, so if you would like to send your project info over - we'd be happy to have a look at it. Also, have you tried looking on the ZFIN website: they have some very good resources.