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MDA-MB-468 culture condition - (Mar/04/2011 )


Lately, i purchased MDA-MB-468 breast cancer cells with a confusion regarding its culturing conditions.

On reviewing several published work done on the said cells, i could gather the info that these cells can be cultured in DMEM+ 10%FBS+ pen/strp+ 2mM L-glutamine at 370C under 5% CO2. But the ATCC says that the cells are to be grown in L15 medium without CO2.

On speaking to some of my friends around, i was told that the cells wouldnt thrive well in DMEM and also that the surface receptor expression levels of the cells might change with change in the culture medium from L15 to DMEM.

So, i thought i would rather discussion it here at the forum.
Am sure some of us here would have cultured these thricky cells and would know the right way to pin'em down.

Awaiting ur posts.



Where did you purchase them from? If you purchased them from the ATCC, then you should culture them in the medium they used as rapid changes in the medium type can cause the cells to behave oddly.



I have had the same concern when I started our lab, which was growing the cells in DMEM with CO2. I tried growing them in L-15 without CO2, and this seemed to work just fine. Which one have you tried, and what was your result?


DMEM +Co2 with glutamax works best