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MTT with cells growhing in suspension, not adherent - (Mar/03/2011 )

Guys, I am trying to do MTT assay on cells growing in suspention. I have to incubate with a drug and then to applied the MTT, I do not have a centrifuge of 96-well plate. Somebody have some protocol to do MTT on suspention cells? Thanks



The only thing I could think of, was, you can collect all the well content and place it in small eppendorff tubes so you can centrifugate them.... I think the formazan crystals/cells would form a pellet... you can discard all the media and then add the isopropanol, DMSO or whatever you use to dissolve your crystals...

It sounds tedious though...


Have you tried XTT? If you want it , I can send you the protocol


we're going to try and use alamar blue for our suspension cells.

we found the suspension cells do not stick to the plate even after we spin them down