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how to check the secondary metabolites? - (Mar/01/2011 )

currently, I do tissue culture on garlic tissue.. my lect said that, if the tissue grow some roots or shoots, it means, the plant has the secondry metabolites.. is it true?
and, from what i have read from internet, secondary metabolite have the antioxidant properties..

i'm kinda confius on have no idea what is my objective and significance of study on doing this tissue culture..


garlic has secondary metabolites and antioxidant materials in it,
as far as I know there is no relation between shoot and root growing and secondary metabolite.


Roots grow by an auxin concentration gradient. If I'm not mistaken garlic has a basal stem, so it wouldn't grow until differentiation from vegetative to reproductive, and there are some other hormones that are regulating these processes. What secondary metabolites are the ones you're taking about or interested in analysing?


secondary metabolite? do u mean that u want to check its polyphenols content?