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IF coverslipping slides / mounting medium / sealer - (Feb/28/2011 )


We use to use VectaShield aqueous mounting medium and seal with nail polish.

Wanted to get away from leaching of nail polish (alcohol)into stained sample and the mess.

Started using VectaShield Hard Set. Works great. Clean slides. But get quenching of Texas Red fluorescence. Confirmed from other sources as well that this takes place.

I purchased a control slide from Invitrogen and they said they used CytoSeal 60. But this seams to be more like Permount and used for sealing the slide and not mounting.

We stain various different mammalian cell lines with DAPI, TR, FITC, and various phalloidins.

Does anyone have a good protocol for the mounting medium and sealing the slides?

A good permanent mounting medium?

Please help.

Thank you


Tryglycergel from Dako.


Thank you so much. Will try this out.