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CTLL-2 culture - preventing cell clumping - (Feb/28/2011 )

I'm doing IL-2 assays with the IL-2-dependent CTLL-2 cell line at the moment, and whilst we've used these in the lab a lot, we've never needed them in quite this volume. The problem I'm having is that the cells tend to clump when dividing, which impacts growth and viability or cells in the centre of the clumps. Previously we've simply pipetted them up and down to break up them up, and whilst this works, it's not ideal and it makes leaving them for any length of time a bit of a lottery.

I was wondering if anyone had any techniques or reagents that can be added to the culture medium to prevent this clumping?

Thanks in advance (hopefully...) :)


Gently swirl the plate when finished subculturing prior to placing it back in the incubator. While this is anything but perfect it does help quiet a bit. It's worth a shot.


Thanks for the thoughts :). I'd be interested to hear anyone else's experience with them too.