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Regression analysis between two genes - (Feb/27/2011 )

Hi everyone

I am trying to determine if there is an association between the extent of sequence divergence of gene "A" between two species and the extent of divergence of gene "B." I would have one axis with the number of nucleotide mismatch of gene A, and another axis of gene B.

Is there a software that allows me to put in my sequence data, perform pairwise sequence analysis of both eachs in each paired combinations, and plot that as a regression analysis?

Thank you so much :)


Hi Enthusiast.. I'm having few doubts with regard to your query.

1. What kind of association do you expect to find between the divergence patterns of Gene A and Gene B? Which biologically significant aspect are you trying to address through the association derived between two similarity/dissimilarity % for two different genes which is usually the product of a pairwise alignment?

2. What data do you want to plot in the graph?

If you could elaborate more on these, I can try and give a better solution to your query.