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HepG2 cells culture conditions - (Feb/26/2011 )


I'm gonna start to culture HepG2 cells, but I'm a little confuse because in the literature that I have reviwed people used many types of medium (DMEM, RPMI and MEM). What is the best medium for this type of cells?? And, it is necessary use Glutamine??


You should culture them in the medium in which you receive them, or if you prefer, you can wean them on to another medium, making sure that you are not changing the growth characteristics or other features of the cell while you wean them.

Glutamine is necessary most of the time for healthy growth. You should add this to your medium fresh each time you open a bottle.



I culture them in DMEM with glutamine, pyruvate and 10% FBS....

But yeah, you must check in which medium they have been growing...