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cherry leaf extracts - how to avoid gummy stuff in leaf extract (Feb/26/2011 )


I am currently working with cherry tree leaves for molecular biology purposes.

My question is very general and I guess it is also not very scientifically stated (sorry for that). The problem I have is that whenever I need to make an extract of the leaf (for a western blot, for example), I get a very gummy extract which I have never found in Nicotiana or Arabidopsis species, not even in peach leaves' extracts.

This gummy stuff makes it difficult to work with this leaves. What is it exactly the gummy stuff and how can I get rid of it? Is there anything that I should add to my buffers in order to get a more liquid extract?

Thank you ver much in advance.


It could be DNA - try sonicating the extract for a few seconds, or try adding a DNAse.


Quite possible..It could be DNA..I will try it my self. Only after that I can anything more about it..
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