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gel documentation system broken - any ideas how to fix? (Feb/23/2011 )

Hi guys,
So the computer connecting our old Biorad gel doc 2000 died a while ago and was scrapped. A new computer was installed with all the software but the gel doc has not worked since. The problem is that the old computer contained 'scion frame grabber'(i think it connects the camera to the computer) which we did not know when we threw it out! So now we are left with a perfectly good gel doc that we cant take images on. Has anyone any ideas on how to get it working again? Could i install any type of frame grabber into the new computer? Would this work?
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


ImageJ can do some of this sort of imaging, but you would probably need a program to interface with the camera, which might be proprietary.


If you have the documents for the old system you might find out which frame-grabber card was installed and try to get a used one. Or ask the company which one is working with the camera....
If you have bad luck you'll need a new camera too (or buy an older computer), because those old frame-grabbers often need PCI (or if older even ISA) slots, and modern computers don't have them anymore.
First I'd contact the company and ask if they can help.