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Polysorbate 80 (Tween 80) removal - (Feb/22/2011 )

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i'm attaching a pdf of a mass spec handbook, from g-biosciences, which includes some information on compatible materials.

it mentions triton x-100 and nonidet p-40.

they also have a detergents handbook available at their website (it's too big to attach).
Attached File


Thanks sooo much!!! I'll take a look.


I often prepare samples for analysis with ESI or (LC)MALDI-TOF. Something that I use, especially when I want to lyse cells, is an acid labile surfactant. These are really effective for solubilization of proteins with an ammonium bicarbonate buffer. The beauty of a reagent like this is how easy it is to inactivate it in your sample. Usually I add enough TFA or Formic acid to lower the pH below 3 and the surfactant will degrade. Another chemical you might also consider using in conjunction with this would be a small amount of NDSB 201 which can help to solubilize proteins as well.


Thanks for your help! I guess my protein will be denatured at pH=3. I need to get the intact protein at the end.

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