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DNA, Gel - Possible reasons for DNA Gel Smear (Feb/19/2011 )

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There is a lot of smear. It looks like a gel that I prepare when I want a smear.. lol

What protocol did you use? Did you use a beatshaker?

And did you check the sticky on this forum about how to prevent smearing

gt_ameya is also riht that you, even with the smear, still have some DNA bands.


This is entirely typical of genomic DNA. Why do expect bands?


Thanks to all your reply.

yes, there was DNA and I did PCR with those DNA, there was some non-specific bands in the PCR Gel.

But I used another DNA extraction Kit (Powersoil Kit) and repeated DNA extraction again, it seemed better than before (little smear).

I am really confused that you can not see my pictures in attachment. What is the format of your picture uploaded? jpg? Thanks to all. :)

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