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Growing insect cells with other cell lines - (Feb/13/2011 )

Dear All
I just start growing insect cells SF9 for protein expression. I wonder if I can use the same incubator and shaker that we use in our lab to grow E coli. Also what about the flow hood that we use for mammalian cell culture. Do I need to specify incubator, shaker and flow hood for the insect cells.
I haven't had a good experience in this area so I am concern form cross contamionation form other cell lines.

I need your help
Thanks in advance


I think you will find that insect cells are grown at a lower temperature than other cells as insects are poikilotherms.

It is never a good idea to grow your cell cultures where bacteria are grown, contamination is a big enough issue as it is without adding extra bacteria.

The flow hood should be fine.


You should always be concerned about cross contamination. If you are using a closed culture vessel, e. g. flask w/cover, it shouldn't be a problem putting both cultures in the same CO2 incubator assuming the growth conditions are similar. Be sure to label the vessels clearly to prevent a mix-up.

I would not recommend using the same flow hood for any manipulations until you have done a validation of your cleaning procedure between the introduction of a new cell to show that there are no residual cells.

-Don Boyce-