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how many minimum and maximum number of bands in SSCP marker? - (Feb/13/2011 )

hi dear all

how many minimum and maximum number of bands in sscp marker?


The minimum number of bands is easy: 2. You could say one, but it is always good to have a "control" band in every reaction. In other words, if you only had a single band and that band was absent, how can you be sure that it was not a failed reaction.

The maximum number of bands is trickier. I would say that you do not want too many bands since it is significantly harder to get clear crisp bands the more bands that are present. From experience I would say that anything more than 10 or so bands would be stretching it. Of course this is highly dependent on the method you are using to separate those bands.


hi dear
thank you for reply me.I send you my band sscp.but i have a question yet. But we have in animal four bands that two maternal strand and two paternal strands then why more than four bands we see?
In this technique, how to understand what are the specific band?

in addition I want you that introuce refrence for sscp