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Possible solvents for RNA - (Feb/08/2011 )

Hi All,

So this is my first post so please be kind!

Basically I'm undertaking a project using RNA (which i must say is currently not my area of expertise!) and looking for advice regarding the use of solvents. My project is looking at using RNA in a detection technique but in a way that is very different to how RNA has been used before. I am aware of the standard buffers and solutions which RNA should be stored/used in, however these are not really feasible for my application I need a non aqueous solvent, but i have read that some solvents, such as ethanol do not allow RNA to dissolve. Does anyone have any suggestions for possible solvents that would allow RNA to be dissolved without becoming denatured?

Any advice/ideas would be much appreciated



Formamide is a traditional non aqueous solvent used to store RNA. Might formamide be of use or has it already been rejected for one reason or another?


Thanks for this possibility, however Formamide has a boiling point which is too high for our project! Any others?