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Immunostaining (1X PBS/ 0.3% Triton) - (Feb/08/2011 )

Hi there

Im trying to figure out how to make 1x PBS+0.3% Triton from the 10% Triton stock solution I have for Immunostaining purposes.
Do I dilute with MilliQ or with PBS?

I would like to make 500 ul of total PBS/0.3% Triton. If someone could help me understand how to dilute from the 10% and whether to use milliQ and/or PBS, I would very much appreciate it!

Thank you so much,


ok, so if you're trying to make PBS with tween, then it seems logical that you would use PBS to dilute your tween...unless there is some other confounding factor, I'm not sure why you would dilute in water. Regardless, a useful equation to use for many of these types of problems is V1S1=V2S2; where V=Volume and S=Concentration and 1=starting and 2=final; so if you need 500 ul final volume of 0.3% tween final concentration, and a 10% starting concentration, the equation is: V1*(10%)=(500 ul)*(0.3%); solving for V1=15 ul. So add 15 ul to 485 ul PBS.