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methanol and polygalacturonic acid inducible promoters? - (Feb/08/2011 )

Hello :)

I'm looking for bacterial or fungal INDUCIBLE promoters for two compounds, one is methanol and the other one is polygalacturonic acid. I've been googling it, searching in literature but without a big success, majority of promoters I've found were constitutive. Maybe some of you came across inducible promoters for above mentioned compounds?

To quickly explain what I'm doing: I want to develop microbial biosensors using different reporter genes and two of the compounds of my interest are methanol and polygalacturonic acid. That's why I'm looking for inducible promoters which in the vector would control the expression of the reporter gene.

Hope to hear from someone!


There are a lot of inducible promoters...

Anyway, methanol is a general stress factor for bacteria or fungi... The problem is that the general stress promoters in bacteria are needed, if you remove them, the bacteria wont grow...
But you could use this promoters to check if they are turned on when working with your bacteria.. So you simply put a general stress promoter in front of your reporter gene..

But I doubt there are promoters that only work when methanol is added or the acid.. have you looked at inducible promoters in general?