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Histochemical stain specific for transthyretin (prealbumin)??! - Anyone aware if there s such a thing? (Feb/08/2011 )

Greetings everyone.

I am on an endeavour to discriminate histochemically amyloid fibers of transthyretin from
amyloid A or κ- and λ- chain amyloid. I have come to realize the routine way
for identifying amyloid - any amyloid - is Congo Red. Further, to discriminate amyloid A
from transthyretin or/and κ-, λ- chains, potassium permanganate is useful: amyloid A
looses the colour while the others retain it.

Wondering just if there is any other way to histochemically differ-diagnose between
all these. F.e., such as any other stain - or, or -ideally - one stain direct for transtyretin.

Any suggestion based on your experience would be highly welcomed!
Thanks in advance fellas!




Immunohistochemistry would solve the problem but I dont have access to
specific antibodies - "dyes only" sort of state....