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Anyone know Lentivirus ShRNA in vivo knock down - (Feb/07/2011 )

Try to knock-down some gene in mice liver using lentiviral packaged shRNA in vivo. Does someone know the detail protocol or literature show the method, such as injection dose, injection method, collection time, et al. Thanks a lot!


There are published papers on in vivo use of lentiviral delivery of shRNA and you should be able to find some. For example "gene
transfers were performed by injecting 30 μl of lentivirus (titer 2-4*109 TU/ml) encoding shRNAs"


have done it in rodent brain, no idea about liver.


Hi Fuzy,

What don't you try Invivofectamine2.0. It works awesome for delivering siRNA in liver, much easier to prepare than Lentivirus and duration of Knockdown pretty good (>3 weeks after a single injection), just make sure you have a potent and stabe siRNA to start with.