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CaPO4 transfection - (Feb/07/2011 )

It seems I can only get 3T3 cells to do this process one out of every three times I try it, and along side actually working it is only maybe one or two cells that become transfected. I am stunned by all the protocols on-line that say no for 3T3 cells do this or that, but even when I have tried several different protocols and yet still the cells do not become transfected with the fluorescence plasmid.
Does anyone know if 3T3 cells will actually become transfected via the CaPO4 process or if the glycol shock is really the only way?


HI CoffeeCat,

There are other methods that are perhaps more suitable for transfection. Nanotherics has one for 3T3 cells using nanoparticles and DNA. Hope this helps.