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Simple & straightforward question - Buffering agent for CHO cell medium (Feb/07/2011 )


I grow CHO (chinese hamster ovary) cells using Ham's F-12 media

Its supplemented with 10% FBS, geneticin, Pen-Strep and 100mM NaOH

I also used 1% Bufferall (buffering agent from Sigma). But now Sigma has stopped its production & say they have no products similar to it

I think bufferall contains HEPES & MOPS but not sure of concentration

Since its a buffering agent, and I think its pretty impt. to have one in the media to maintain pH, i guess i can use any other buffering agent too

Just that i'm not sure what to use. Any ideas?



do you need to use that particular recipe for your experiment?

CHO cell is pretty common cell line, so I think you can find another recipe for CHO cell which doesnt require Bufferall.