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uncut plasmid dna vs linearized plasmid gel - (Feb/04/2011 )


I am going to run a gel comparing my uncut plasmid dna vs linearized plasmid. My insert is 135 bps and my vector is 3Kb. What can I expect to see on my gel, and how many bands can I expect to see. I am assuming the uncut plasmid will have several bands at different sizes and the linearized will have only one, is that right ? I am assuming the total size of my product will now be 3135 bps. Pls advise.


uncut plasmid will give you only one band high on gel (3135 bp), when you cut you will get two bands - linearized vector (3 kbp) and fragment (135 bps. I dont understand why would uncut plasmid give you several bands?

-SOS response-