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Homogenization of articular cartilage prior to protein extraction - (Feb/02/2011 )

Good afternoon,

I am currently in the process of attempting to locate a means to mechanically homogenize very small quantities (5-10 mg) of rodent articular cartilage for a protein extraction. I have already attempted using liquid nitrogen and a small mortar and pestle, but as the cartilage is very light and in small pieces, it is difficult to pulverize the sample without completely losing it in the process. Few have also reccommended trying 2ml lysing matrix tubes and a sample prep system such as the FastPrep system by MP Bio. While the idea is feasable, I am again worried about losing my sample in transfer. Any/all ideas welcome!

Thank you so much!


I have seen tissues honogenised by freezing in LN2, then putting into a mylar pouch (Overhead transparency sheet folded in half, edges seald with tape) and crushed with a hammer, then add lysis buffer etc.