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Cryopreservation of MDCK - (Feb/02/2011 )

Hi all. I preserved some MDCK cell in vials this morning ( with 10% DMSO and FCS). I then stored them at -80oC frezzer and supposed to put them into the liquid nitrogen tank before I left the lab. However I forgot to do so before I went home and I am not going in the lab until next monday due to public holidays in my country. I just wonder if the cell line still ok to use if i store them in liquid nitrogen on monday or should I just throw them away and make some new ones?


They will be fine. Most cell lines will last up to about 6 months (or possibly longer) in the -80, but there will be some changes in the cells if you leave them in there for that long as some of the cell population will die off - which selects for cells that can survive at -80...