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Cell labelling - How can I label 2 cell populations? (no transgenes) (Jan/31/2011 )

Hello all, I wanted to ask you for some ideas about how can I label 2 different cell populations (that are in close proximity). The idea is to maintain the cells in culture for at least 5 days. I have tried some lipophilic tracers, but the component diffuses among cells from both populations. I have also read about fluorescent microspheres, but have never used them. If someone could share with me some ideas/products I would appreciate it a lot, as I am running out of ideas and it would be nice not to have to use transgenes. Thanks!

PS. Sorry my English.


Finally I decided to use Qtrackes (if you wanna know) :ph34r:




I found interesting product of cell labeling dye (PKH 26 and PKH 67, Sigma), which yes tagging on membrane lipid as well. But this article by M.N.M Walter (2010) on wound healing assay is really cool how he tagging selectively on fibroblast and HaCat keratinocytes. But I am still not sure what is the dye tagging on and how they can distinguished both cell. Sigma product sheet not detailed in term of molecular information. I am afraid it will as well co-tagging on my mix population cells, end up no selectively labeling 

-roxx_gurl- this is a site for help


Here are many live cell imaging products on valdo


A website that may help you 


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