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How long does it take for cells to reattach? - From balls to pancakes. (Jan/31/2011 )

Not that this affects my experiments, but I'm just curious if anyone know how long does it take for (your favorite) cells to re-attach after splitting?

I'm talking about from little balls to the pancakes shape.

I'm currently working with MCF-10a.

-Say Chi Sin Lo-

In my case (E14) they have differential attachment. The first ones to attach can do it in just 1 hour but the rest of them (I call them late bloomers) can attach in the following 6 hours.


It depends on the cell type and how transformed it is... some like HeLa only take a couple of hours, others like primary cells often take 12 hours or more.


most of the cells that I culture can attach within 4hr,
but I usually give them O/N,
anything that cannot attach during O/N incubation, I consider dead cells