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Percentage dilution - (Jan/27/2011 )

Hi there

This is such an embarrassing question but I would greatly appreciate it if someone could show me the math involved in the dilution.

I would like to dilute a 10% Triton-100 solution into 0.3% to a total volume of 10 mL.

Thank you very much for your time!


The general concentration equation is:


Where C is the concentration and V is the volume, 1 refers to starting conc/volume and 2 refers to the finishing volume. Basically it means that the concentration of the reagent multiplied by it's volume is always the same.

So for your question the starting concentration is 10% (so that is 0.1) and the end concentration is 0.3% (so that is 0.003) The end volume is 10ml

So in the equation we get:

0.1 x V1 = 0.003 x 10ml = 0.03

V1 = 0.03/0.1 = 0.3ml = 300ul

So you'd need to add 300ul of your 10% solution to 9700ul (about 10ml) of your diluent.