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help Splashed Raji cells on skin/face/hand - (Jan/25/2011 )

I had a general question. I had some raji cells plated in a 96well plate. I had spun them down gently to get a pellet ( at 100g). When I was taking the plate out of the centrifuge, the centrifuge door slammed down on my arm causing some of the media to splash on my wrist and even a few drops on my face. I don't think any got in my eyes, at least I didn't feel anything. Obviously I washed and rinsed my hands and face with soap and water and let water run on me for a minute or two. Normally I wouldn't be concerned, and yes I know that my immune system should take care of it, but the thing is I'm pregnant. I know that a woman's immune system is compromised during pregnancy, but to what extent I don't know.

I have to say that maybe 100 ul of media splashed on me, and it may or may not have contained some raji cells in there. As I said earlier, I had spun them down a bit, but I'm sure there were still some cells floating around somewhere.

Do you think I'll be ok even with a slightly compromised immune system? I don't want to freak out or panic, but I do want to take caution. I did have gloves, but as I said it was on my wrist and face.


These are just my 2 cents, but I think that in the absence of all the factors and enough humidity they will just die on you.
You took proper precautions :) (and you didn't mention open wounds...)


You will be fine, the cells do not survive well outside a culture environment and you took the appropriate actions in washing yourself thoroughly.