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Help for co-transfection of proteins and plasmid - (Jan/25/2011 )

Hi everyone,

I would like to co-transfect recombinant proteins into cells but I also need to transfect the cells with a luciferase reporter plasmid! Has anyone done co-transfection protein-DNA so far? The recombinant protein would be tagged with a fluorescent probe so it would also give me a idea of the transfection efficiency. My main worry would be that usual transfection reagents like metafecten or turbofect can't make the combination protein-DNA. If anyone can help me with that or know a method or a reagent able to do that, that would be great!!



I once heard a talk where they used Tat c-terminus (part of HIV protein) for protein transfection... You may need to do some literature search for a protocol.
Electroporation seems to work for both: