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Solubility of proteins - (Jan/25/2011 )

hello, sorry but I am not a biochemistry expert and now am faced with the solubility problem (in theory) of proteins. I have a specific question: if the protein is cleaved at the C-terminal end, will it become more or less soluble without this C-terminal end? at what should I look? pI of the remained protein is around 5 and pI of the C-terminus is 10....does this tell something? please tell me how to deduce solubility here...I have a 3D structure of the protein as well. thank you very much.

-Ekatherina Touma-Saghie-

Hola, sometimes tags stabilizes or destabilizes. There are in the net some free tools which predicts the % of probabilities of solubility with the aminoaic sequence. Check the valus for your 2 constructs. Here you are.. or . Buena suerte