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Looking for a commercial bidirectional plasmid Help please! - resource hunting (Jan/20/2011 )

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone can point me to a resource Im looking for. Im looking for a vector that I can clone a regulatory region into between two marker reporter genes, in particular GFP and one of its mutants such as dsRED. The idea being that these reporters should be head to head so that I can compare activity of the region in both a sense and anti-sense direction at the same time following a challenge. The region I wish to excise has two flanking gene and it is believed that the sequence between regulates both genes one in a sense-wise direction and one in an anti-sense direction. I believe there are (or used to be) vectors available for doing such experiments using bidirectional vectors con tain luc and cat or luc and beta gal would really like to find one with fluorescent markers.
Any help would be fantastic!


I have never used any of these vectors, but Clontech sells bidirectional plasmids with already one fluorescent gene incorporated, to which you could add a second.

check for more info


Hi dpo,

Thanks I will take a look. After trawling the internet for a few hours Im thinking this might be the only option as most dual reporters I've seen so far are fused to one another. Cheers for the tip!